For over 360 athletes with mental and physical disabilities, McKean County Special Olympics is an opportunity to be involved in a year-round program of sports training and competition.  Our special athletes have become softball players, bowlers, runners, basketball players, golfers, skiers and swimmers.  They know the joy and fulfillment that hard work, practice and dedication can bring to them on the playing field and in their lives.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s actions helped open people’s minds to the gifts and talents of individuals with intellectual disabilities.  She believed in their possibilities, which fuels a desire in all of us to make a difference.  Eunice Kennedy Shriver demonstrated an unrelenting indomitable spirit proving that one person could make a difference and change the world.

We are proud of all that our athletes strive for and all they accomplish.  We are also proud of the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who give freely of their time and energy to help our athletes.  Whether you are a special athlete or a volunteer, we invite you to get involved in our programs today!