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Long Distance Walking

McKean County Special Olympians captured five medals at the annual Pennsylvania Special Olympics Western Fall Sectional Games held recently at Slippery Rock University.

Charlie Barr won a gold medal in the 3000M walk and a silver medal in the 1500M walk.  Ashley Peterson won a silver medal in the 1500M walk. George Burton won a gold medal in the 1500M walk and the 3000m walk! Nice job Athletes!

Swim Invitational

Over 80 special athletes from McKean, Elk and Cameron counties gathered at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Sport and Fitness Center pool recently for the annual Special Olympics Swimming Invitational, Sponsored by Dallas-Morris.

The invitational is the culmination of the swimming season for most of the athletes, who have been in training for several months for this event.  Six swimmers, whose names will be announced, will advance to the Pennsylvania Special Olympics Summer Games at Penn State, June 9-11. 

Gold medal winners were:

 15yd Walk:        Adam Rakieski, Rene Chittester, John Sandlin

10yd Assisted:   Rene Chittester, Heather Kephart, Isaac Austin, Derek Hottel, Jeff Gagliardi

15yd Unassisted: Heather Kephart, Jean Zumstein, Derek Hottel, Zack Frontera

15yd Float:        Adam Rakieski, Tina Whitford

25yd Float:        Heather Kephart, Derek Hottel, Zack Frontera

25yd Freestyle:  Joe Lee, Mitchell Rakieski, Andrew Wilson, Matt Scott, Tom Sorg, Aaron Briggs, Karen Smith, Vicky Nichols, Sharon Petitt, Ashley Peterson

25yd Breaststroke:  Ken Stage

25yd Backstroke:Zach Koch, Andrew Wilson, Donald Kuntz, Matt Scott, Vicky Nichols, Karen Smith,Sharon Petitt, Morgan Nelson, Kari Johnston

50yd Freestyle:  Matt Scott, Joe Lee, Ginger Smith, Zach Koch

50yd Backstroke:Vicky Nichols, Susan Parkes, Mitchell Rakieski, Karen Smith, Andrew Wilson

4x25yd Relay:    Andrew Wilson, Anna Smith, Ashley Peterson, Matt Scott



The annual McKean County Special Olympics Bowling Tournament was held on Sunday, October 24, at Byllye Lanes in Bradford, with over 100 special athletes competing.

Capturing gold medals were Aaron Briggs, Rodney Meyer, Gary Brown, Robert Starr, David Winters, Mike Monti, Marty Cline, Rocco Vavalo, Joe Hoffman, Steph Heffner, Steph Schlopy, David Rose, Donald Kuntz, Kim Daniels, Mary Sostakowski, Joe Sostakowski, Ellen Fiscus, Roger Jacoby, Andrew Wilson, Steve McQuone, Kathy McGuire, Lenny Hummel, George Weeks, Shane Ludwig,  Janet Pressler, Anna Smith, Joe Lee, Chad Berguson, Art Garcia, Matt Bond, Patty Price, Scott Tarbox.
Silver medal winners were Eric Baxter, Roger Matey, Matt Latshaw, Dan Graves, Donna Dallary, Victoria Nichols, Kevin Lewandowski, Coreen Hoyt, Mike Walter, Matt Scott, Charlie Barr, Jon Seitz, Robert McAlpine, Jean Zumstein, Tina Whitford, Sharon Petitt, Janice Lipps, Linda Porter, Kari Johnston, Renee Chittester, Katie Hodge, Ashley Peterson, Bob Clawson, Henry Keller, Sheridan Phillips, Jim Carlson, Dexter Rankin, Margot Abbott, Margie Laubham, Milo Cline, Carol Bryan.
Bronze medal winners were Jay Furman, Charles Bradt, Jon Palmquist, Jeff Hurd, Rebecca Buccolini, Tracy Carson, Kim Langworthy, Jackie Wolfe, Peggy Sitarchuk, Tom Day, Lisa Williams, Margie Kibby, Amber Mays, George Burton, Susan Parks, Julie Boyle, Jon Farnham, Marjorie Arnett, Lenny Kribbs, Bill Whitney, CJ Courteau, Glenn Lee, Roger Austin, Gary Stewart, Fred Stewart, Glenn Carr, Jim Oehler, Jeff VanScoter, Robert Tubbs, Randy Johnson.
Eight bowlers, whose names will be announced soon, will qualify to advance to the western regional Special Olympics competition to be held in Pittsburgh in March.